RHET Book Club is a very casual, but very serious, international organisation. Known for its meandering meetings (what are we taking about again?) filled with personal stories, parenting advice, and some quality literary discussion, RHET was established in 2016. Yes, that last sentence used the passive voice, and that was a deliberate style choice.

Founding members are European correspondent RH, writer of words, builder of things, mother of boy; and canuck ET, recovering journalist, occasional teacher, and always on-call Mom.


Book selection process

RHET reads are works of fiction that are selected alternately by each founding member, often with some discussion on the matter. The books must be readily available to all members, and thus many titles that have been put forth have been disqualified. In these cases, an alternate choice by the same author or within the same genre is often made.

In general, books are carefully chosen based on cover art, members’ desire to pick the best book, writing that doesn’t suck, radio reviews, and occasionally literary merit.

Want to recommend a RHET read?